We have a great challenge and we need your help. We want to continue supporting investigation and conservation of our native forest and to do that gather funds to get more camera traps and in that way be able to cover greater areas in the forest.

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Why trap cameras?

Many resident animals of our forests have nocturnal habits or will not appear at our presence, therefore placing camera traps allows us to observe them, ratify the presence of certain species and monitor their behaviour.

They are also an excellent tool to know whether or not we have the presence of exotic animals invaders or animals that are harmful to the population, such as the mink (Neovison vison), wild boar (Sus scrofa) or feral dogs (Canis vulgaris).

Through the audiovisual collection of what happens inside the forest can generate studies that allow us to learn more and continue learning how to better take care of these incredible places.

We invite you to watch on the next video some of the animals that marvel us with their presence.