Tufted tit-tyrant

(Anairetes Parulus)


(Fascicularia bicolor)

The submerged forest

Maullín River

Chilean stag beetle




Our work

We educate to preserve the species present in our ecosystem.
We protect the free life we still find in the evergreen native forest and the incredible submerged forest of Myrtle trees present in the Maullín River.
We rehabilitate those animals that have been directly or indirectly affected by the human being, thus giving a second chance in nature.
We shelter all animals that for different reasons do not have the possibility to return to their natural habitat.

The Park

The Romahue Conservation Park protects its 150 hectares of evergreen native forest, located in the X region of the Lake District, only 14 kms from Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt. This proximity to the main cities of the area gives us a special responsibility and strengthens the importance of the protection of its nature and inhabitants.

The gift of being located on the banks of the river Maullin, allows us to take care of the protection of a unique ecosystem in Chile, the submerged forest, which alongside the existing biodiversity makes it a truly magical place…

Rehabilitation Center

We rehabilitate because nature deserves it. With a lot of effort and love we do this work to help the animals return to their natural habitat. We take responsibility on the impact we generate on other species, often not aware of the damage we may be causing.

This is why we have a Rehabilitation Center run by professionals who look after these animals. The Center must continue growing to achieve the balance that our ecosystem requires.

The Shelter

We take care of nature, avoiding the generation of negative impact on it and to restore what was already affected by the human being. But what happens with those animals that for different reasons can no longer return to their natural habitat?

At the Foundation we have a shelter that welcomes animals who are in need of a second chance. We also do environmental education with the purpose of protecting our native fauna and to give a chance for future generations to live in peace amongst all the species that inhabit the earth.

Join up!

Feed me

Did you know that a captive puma can eat up to 2.5 kg of meat daily? Or that parakeets, by feeding on seeds are the main reforesters of the forest of Chile?

Adopt me

By sponsoring you will be contributing directly to the conservation of our free species of flora and fauna present in the forest and the animals of the refuge.


We will gladly receive fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, meat, veterinary supplies and other elements that can help meet our needs.

Rescued animals


Trees Planted


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Commit to reforesting the Park and preserving this unique ecosystem of the Maullín River.

If you have any questions, suggestions or queries do not hesitate to write us.

At Romahue Foundation we are always attentive and willing to collaborate, work, and keep learning to make the best out of every day.


Camino La Vega
Puerto Varas, Chile

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