On the 28th of March of 2019, we have successfully freed a flock of 45 Slender billed parakeets (Enicognathus leptorhynchus) in the Conservation Park Senda Nativa Romahue where we are located.

These 45 parakeets came to our care and to the rehabilitation center on the 26th of January of 2019 being approximately only one month old.

Why did they get to us?

Regrettably in Chile we can still find people who make a living out of the black market of pets, where parakeets are one of the most wanted and affected species. Due to this, 45 parakeets came to the center being only 1 month old. They were extracted from their natural nests and were being transported inside 3 fruit boxes mixed between wooden chips as camouflage.

They showed up disoriented and completely dependant on external care, for in average they did not surpass the 3 weeks of life. First they had to be fed individually, sin they couldn’t do it on their own, as time went by and under a very rigorous program, they learned how to feed on their own and eventually to fly. This process took 2 months of hard work, until a strong and healthy flock was formed.

This past 28th of March was the long waited day, in which this beautiful flock went back to the forests it should have never left. Swiftly they flew to the top of the trees and in the next couple of days they ventured more and more into their natural habitat, being able to fulfill and continue their purpose in the ecosystem, allowing life to develop in the chilean native forest.

The Slender billed parakeet have a very important role in their habitat, not only helping the forest but us as well. The are the main seed eaters of the forest, becoming the natural and biggest dispersers and reforesters of the forest.

Thanks to them the forest recovers!

This is why we make a calling to everyone to avoid and report the illegal trafficking of native fauna, since by buying or selling these species you are not only damaging the animal, but the whole forest and everyone who lives and depends on it, including us.